James has practiced in seven countries on three continents. After graduating from the University of Colorado with B.S. in Biology, he completed his Basic training under Dr. Ida P. Rolf in 1975 and his Advanced Training in 1982, repeating the Advanced course again in 2002.

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The Source of Pain in Our Bodies


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Rolfing can:  Improve posture ● Evoke more graceful movement ● Restore vitality ● Increase stamina,
agility & athletic performance ● Provide greater mental clarity ● Reduce / eliminate long-term chronic pain.
Rolfing returns your body to a more youthful state and these changes have been shown to be very long lasting.

 Orange County


We often look at the human body a
collection of individual parts: heart, eyes, feet, etc. But from a functional standpoint, it operates as a single, dynamic whole: when one part of the body becomes compromised, the entire structure is affected.

-  James Bardot

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